Thursday, September 20, 2007

5 Ways to Fill The Talent Gap

Saturday's WSJ contained a big (though smaller than last year's) pull-out section entitled "How to Fill the Talent Gap." It reminded me that perhaps the War for Talent really is here.

The Problems as they listed them are
  1. Emerging markets and no talent acquisition solutions for them
  2. Narrow thinking creates internal silos and talent gaps
  3. Demographics and economics of running lean and mean have left a void that will only get worse
  4. Expectations gap between what workers want and what employees pay
  5. Blind spots from a lack of diverse thinking/population

The Solutions
  1. Make your talent plan match your business plan (my fav)
  2. Talent management is everyones job
  3. Global excellence needs local effectiveness (see #1)
  4. Support matters (See #2)
  5. Measure what matters
Well that sounds easy doesn't it? Crisis solved.

There is one thing that does scare me. It's this recent from About. Com on the 5 most popular articles of the past month:
  1. Twelve Tips for Team Building
  2. Your Strategic Framework
  3. Sample Resignation Letter
  4. Job Interview Tips
  5. Work Dress Code
Doesn't seem like the talent gap may get filled any time this week.

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