Saturday, January 19, 2008


Late last month, when I attend the Convergence Conference roundtable panel on "Video as a Catalyst for Conversation”, the moderator promised that “just like everyone now has a blog strategy, soon you’ll need a video strategy.” The audience shuddered, a clear sign that they had not yet adapted a blog strategy. But the numbers do speak for themselves. In September, more than 9.2 billion videos were viewed online. A staggering 28% of those were seen on YouTube.

Although currently, marketing professionals are spending les than 2.5% of their communications budgets on “conversational marketing”, it is predicted that by 2012, spending on “social media” will surpass traditional marketing.

Here’s why people are starting to pay attention. The chart below, from the Wall Street Journal shows that after viewing a video ad on the Internet, 55% of 501 adults took action.

The hard part now is how to use this knowledge to your advantage. It’s a simple answer: call someone in to help. Aren’t you already doing too much at work. Who has time to think about your video strategy?

A media consultant (I know a great one) can help you

  • Define your audience
  • Plan your distribution using appropriate internal or external partners
  • Add some control to the scary proposition of unleashing this on the world.

No one has all the answers, but emerging as an early embracer (it is too late for that) will help your brand for a very small investment of dollars.

And besides, doesn’t everyone want to be a SuperStar?

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