Sunday, May 11, 2008


This week, Seth Godin printed an updated list of things every good marketer should know.

The one I know best, and keep in mind every day is this one:

Is it a bad thing? No. It’s just what I start with when developing relevant communications plans for every audience.

Let’s break it down in stages.

People are lazy-
That means, they’re not going out of their way to find your messages, read your messages or respond to your messages.

Consider this:
  • Since yesterday, almost 2,000 junk emails have accumulated in my spam box
  • Since I’ve been back from Oklahoma, 5 newspapers are waiting for me to read
  • On the NY Times homepage, I often just skim the most emailed news stories to get my intel
Do this:
  • Design media plans that are interactive with your audience and encourage people to opt-in for more details.
People are uninformed:
That means you should never assume they have any idea who you are or what you do.

Consider this:
  • Word of Mouth is the most trusted source of information when consumers decide which products and services to buy.
Do this:
  • Read my White Paper on Word of Mouth Marketing or, if you prefer to do-it-yourself, find the people that know the most people and have them spread your messages. And make your messages informative, relevant and just a little bit fun.
People are selfish:
That means that’s enough about me, let’s talk about me

Consider this:

The average American is exposed to about 3000 advertising messages a
day, and globally corporations spend over $620 billion each year to
make their products seem desirable and to get us to buy them.

Do this:

Create your messages using the WIIFM rule: What’s in it for me. You have 3 seconds to get me attention. Use them wisely.

Take a test- look at the last 3 important emails you sent out to a group and analyze them against the above— How did you do?

Happy Mothers Day!

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