Friday, January 2, 2009

What's Hot for 2009 in Talent Acquisition?

2008 ended as a year for the history books as companies in record numbers were faced with mergers, layoffs, dwindling revenues and in severe cases- bankruptcy protection.

Yet, the war for talent still looms large as demographics predict the global shortage of talent across all industry sectors. Historically, companies who have continued to build and optimize their Employer Brand during hard times have emerged as industry leaders so here are some helpful hints on how to move from transactional to world class. Just call me if you need any help.

  • Create and promote your company’s strong employment brand and employee value proposition
  • Update your Careers Website: it is the most critical window into your organization
  • Enhance your Candidate Relationship Marketing: great candidates want to be “found”
  • Dollar for Dollar, Employee Referral Programs remain the number one most effective recruitment strategy
  • Focus on Quality of Hire, not cost-per-hire
  • Mine data on niche boards, they are usually more effective
  • Utilize technology to analyze metrics and refine your results
  • Start dabbling in Social Networking
  • Develop a world class on-boarding process
Certain Factors will Force Dramatic Change in Recruiting models
-Remote Work
-More Substitutes for Employees
-Increased Consolidation
-Labor Costs

A flexible plan will be the key to your success.

Happy New Year

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