Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recruiting with Google Glass

I don't say this very often, but it's possible that recruiting is going to change forever, thanks to the "wearable visual technology" known as Google Glass.

Why? Because, as the economy improves and the competition for talent increases, Google Glass will allow organizations to show a job listing and a corporate culture instead of telling. From talent acquisition to employer brand, this technology can be used to engage job-seekers in several new and exciting ways:


A Day in the Life of an Employee
What does, say, an "associate director of strategic communications" actually do? A job posting for a position like that will likely have a long list of "Responsibilities," "Requirements," and "Qualifications." But pictures can be worth a thousand words. Instead of a confusing job title followed by a page of unexciting text, companies can allow an employee to shoot a video of their daily routine using Google Glass. Job-seekers could see all the interesting, challenging, unexpected aspects of the job, which might not come across in a listing. A first-person video allows job-seekers to envision themselves working for the organization, a very powerful experience.

Meet Your Recruiter

Some brands, like Taco Bell, showcase their recruiters, putting a human face on what can be an intimidating process. Google Glass will let companies take that strategy to the next level, by showing what daily life is like for a recruiter. Job-seekers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the application and interview experience, seeing where to park, how employees dress, what the interview room looks like -- even where the restrooms are. This sort of advance knowledge does wonders for nervous applicants who usually have no idea what to expect at an interview.

Your recruiter in her "natural habitat"!
Inside the C-Suite

At Brandemix, we sometimes have the pleasure of producing company videos that star the CEO. But not all business leaders are comfortable with the spotlight. Google Glass can put camera-shy executives at ease by letting them wear the camera! Job-seekers love sneak peeks and inside information, so the unprecedented access allowed by a CEO wearing Google Glass is sure to be a hit. And the executive doesn't have to take time out of her day to recite lines under hot studio lights. Everybody wins.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Some employers, like Ann Inc., make a point of showing off their office's neighborhood. Google Glass gives employers a chance to move beyond photos. Videos can show what restaurants are nearby, how easy the commute is, and area secrets that only locals know. If job-seekers perceive a company's location as a disadvantage, a Google Glass video can be an effective way to change their minds.

Ann Inc.'s "NYC Office Guide" board on Pinterest

As you can see, Google Glass can have a major effect on recruiting for any employers who adapt it early and use it wisely. After all, many people, including job-seekers, would rather watch than read. If your office is lovely and your employees are friendly, you should show them off! 

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