Saturday, October 20, 2007

Future Employee Stuffs 10 Pounds of Fat into His Resume

Its not just because I'm a fat minded thin person that I oppose the sudden craze with video job postings and video resumes. I just haven't seen any evidence that these are especially good ideas.

What is more boring than watching someone who is not Puff Daddy sitting behind their desk talking to you about how much fun their opportunity is? Or, how about the recent video jobs on one newspapers jobs site where the voice-over sounds like a bad radio spot from the 60's.

What about video resumes?
The recent poll on MSNBC showed these results:

Can video resumes help you land a job? * 212 responses
Yes. They'll show off my personality and help me stand out above other applicants.
No. I could too easily make a bad impression, look unprofessional or be judged on my appearance.
Maybe. It depends on the quality of the video resume.

A year after Aleksey Vayner’s video resume made him a laughingstock on Wall Street and YouTube, he’s still searching for a job.

“Negative consequences are still felt,” the 24-year-old wrote in a recent interview conducted by instant message.

While still a senior at Yale, the aspiring investment banker had sent out applications, including a photograph of himself and the video resume. In the 6 minute 43 second clip, he bench-pressed 495 pounds, karate-chopped seven bricks and served a tennis ball at 140 mph, according to the captions. Despite the extraordinary achievements detailed in his application materials, Vayner landed no interviews — other than with the media.

Unless you're putting stamps on your email and have your cell phone transferred to your lan line, you have already realized that technology opens doors to doing things DIFFERENTLY! The message MUST suit the Medium. And the camera DOES add 10 lbs.

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